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Our good knowledge of the planning system and building process allows us to quickly produce planning drawings for your project that are clear and realistic, making it possible to achieve Planning Permission first time from your local council.Planning drawings are the architectural drawings that must be submitted as part of any planning application. These drawings are for planning purposes only, and a typical set consists of:

•Existing plans, elevations and sections (A3 size, in 1:100 scale)

•Proposed plans, elevations and sections (A3 size, in 1:100 scale)

Some home alterations are classified by the Planning Authority as being a Permitted Development. This means that a Planning permission is not needed for a such development, but it is advised that you submit a application for a lawful development certificate.

Permitted Development

House extensions

General: extend a house up to 70cu m (cubic metres) or up to 15% of its original size (to a maximum of 112cu m). Terraced Houses: the extension can be 50cu m or a 10% increase in size. Single storey extensions: the roof pitch can't extend past 4m to the ridge or 3m for a flat roof. Two storey extensions: you can build up to the existing floor level. Technically, this means you shouldn't have any problems adding a second storey above a garage, as long as the extension keeps within 2m of the property's boundary. Porches: these need to be

•less than 3m2 in size

•not more than 3m high

•over 2m away from the property's boundary and the pavement/road.

Garden structures

Examples include sheds or swimming pools. These don't need permission as long as:

•if not for residential use

•if don't front onto a road

•height doesn't exceed 4m (pitched), 3m (flat roof)

•they don't exceed more than half the garden size


Loft conversion

Loft conversions are allowed as long as the general dimensions of the property are unchanged and living space does not exceed 40 cubic metres (terraced house) or 50 cubic metres (detached property). Roof height must be maintained. Dormer windows are not be permitted to the elevation facing the highway.Volume allowances will still apply to loft conversions. Lofts to detached properties can be converted without planning permission provided any dormers do not add more than 50 cubic metres to the property. That allowance is 50 cubic metres on a detached house reducing to 40 cubic metres on semi-detached and terraced houses.


Off-road parking is fine as long as it's only on your land and no new route needs to be created for your vehicle to gain access. It's only private vehicles too and should it need to cross a pavement/footpath, written permission from the highways department of your local council is needed to drop the kerb from the road.


New driveways or parking areas do not require planning permission under the new regulations if a permeable material such as gravel or open jointed paving is used. Further restrictions will always apply to properties within Conservation Areas and listed buildings. Building Regulations approval will still be required for all extensions and if the work affects a shared wall or involves excavating close to a neighbouring property it will probably fall within the scope of the Party Wall Act and will require notice to be served.


Planning drawings

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